It seems that I’m up for another life makeover. As life changes, I change. This is ok. Change is or can be good. Scary, but good. And with this recent life change, I have decided that it’s finally time for me to start a blog. Or at least have some online presence that’s more than just my Facebook rantings and my LinkedIn page. Not quite a journal, but not NOT a journal either.

And so, to begin, I want to share my thoughts and writings with you. I want to share my resume with you (because, who knows, maybe you’ll need someone with my eclectic skillset) as soon as I can figure out which page layout will do that in this theme (learning some WP has been an adventure).

Over the past two years I have been writing – a LOT. That’s because I’ve been writing for work; because that was my job. A lot of my writing isn’t relevant to an everyday reader, but some of it is – those are listed under “My Favorites”.

And I want to share random thoughts with you in my blog. I won’t be putting much new content in the articles sections, but I will put them in the blog section. So, head over there after a while and see what I’m up to.

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