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This here, this is my blog. It’s new. I’ve never done this before. Welcome to 2023, eh? Today has been a crash course in WordPress. And organization of a site. And learning…lots of learning. Here’s what I’ve learned:

Web designers are amazing. This is hard. There are too many decisions to be made – hosting, email addresses, what to publish, what parts of which pages go where, which theme to use (and what is a theme anyhow and why don’t my pages look like the theme pages?), post or page, and so much more. I just wanted a simple place to put my thoughts, my resume, and document my projects. Is that too much to ask?

I lost my job this past Tuesday. Another round of layoffs. I’ve never gone through this before and the last time I was asked to leave a company was sometime in 1982. I’m out of work for the first time since then. That’s a lot of years of daily schedules and attending to others. I’m new to the world of real job hunting. I looked around for a few years before going to JumpCloud, but not with any real effort. And I was recruited into JumpCloud…I didn’t go looking for that job.

It was a great two years. I had a wonderful experience, I learned a lot, I worked with an incredible team, filled with people I truly admire and respect. They are all, to a one, special people to me. I will miss my team deeply. It was a wonderful time. I wish it could have continued.

Now it’s on to the next adventure. I’m filled with fear, nay terror, and a healthy dose of Imposter Syndrome as I worry about all the things that come with being out of work.

This site is not perfect. It will get better over time. Don’t judge me, k? I’m doing the best I can.

In the meantime, take a look at my most recent speaking engagement from PSU MacAdmins 2023. I had a blast.

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Pam is an experienced MSP-owner and IT consultant. Most recently she was a content writer, writing about IT admin life and tech. When not working, Pam spends her time with her dog, visiting her kids across the country, and being creative with yarn (though she's learning other crafts as well).

3 thoughts on “My Blog

  1. “a healthy dose of Imposter Syndrome.”
    I find that comment shocking. You are the sort of person other look at at think, “I aspire to be as accomplished as she.”

    I also recently got laid off (6 weeks), and it’s taking longer than I’d hoped to find something new.

    I’m not worried about you — I’m confident you’ll land on your feet. (I am worried about me, but I’m hopeful I’ll find something soon!)

    • Pam

      Aw, Steve, thank you. Accomplished or not, Imposter Syndrome is real. From what I’ve read, women suffer this more than men do. I’ll do more research on that at some point. 🙂
      Sorry to hear about your layoff. Keep your chin up, use the MacAdmins Slack, make sure your LinkedIn is working for you. You got this!

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